Sunday, June 2, 2013

Best Mom Ever! (.....)

I was on a roll, I felt like the world’s greatest mom. Ever. I had fed the kids, made sure their rooms were clean and gotten them to school on time then came home and the baby fell asleep in the car! Score! So I emptied the dishwasher and did laundry, watched a little TV and had chocolate and some tea, the baby woke up and we snuggled for a while on the couch. Then I placed her in the living room while she played I vacuumed and cleaned my bedroom and put away all my clothes. Did a load of whites and decided to hang them on the line. I barely heard my oldest, Nathan, call me and say he needed a ride home from school. I agreed to pick him up at five and then checked my mail. Made some lunch, fed the baby, let the cat outside, noticing the clouds were getting dark. Must remember to bring the laundry in soon before it rains. Clear the table. Check, Check, Check! Off my list of things to do. I collapsed on the couch, closed my eyes and sank into a blissful sleep… I woke what felt like a second later and looked at the clock, 4 o’clock? That can’t be right. I looked again, yup the kids were going to be home any moment! I raced to the kitchen, oblivious to the baby playing in the dog bowl. I grabbed my cookbook and found a recipe that should be good for everybody, I ripped open the pantry and groaned as I looked at the line of half empty vinegar bottles and a cereal box. Wait! There was a box of eggs in the back of the fridge! I sighed in relief as I carefully put the egg carton on the stove, opened it, and screamed in frustration. There, staring up at me, was ONE singular egg in the middle of a carton that was FULL last time I checked. I was close to tears as I tried to remember when we last had eggs. And then I remembered, last Sunday Abby wanted to dye eggs for Easter with her friends. And so we had one egg left. Balls, now what? I had a spark of adrenaline as I saw the take out menu on the fridge. I had formed two options; One, call Jim and ask him to bring home some tacos, or Two run down to the gas station and pick up a pizza, either one was pathetic, what happened to having everything under control? What happened to being on top of everything?  I turned to the phone and see Charlie, our dog, wandering outside in the rain that had started to pour. Oh no. the cat. The laundry! Oh god this is a nightmare. I hear the lock click and a chorus of “mom we’re home!”  I grimaced as I heard sneakers being kicked off by the door, backpacks being dropped to the floor and jackets being unzipped. OK I can handle this, I checked the clock and sighed in relief, quarter after four, Jim would be home soon.  I said hello to the kids as I subtly let the cat in and made a mental note to install that cat door I keep thinking about. “George, could you please let the dog in? he’s getting soaked.” I ask of my second oldest as he rolled his eyes “FINE.” Then he added “why can’t Nathan do it? He’s his dog.” “Because Nathan is at soccer practice” I said without thinking, then I thought of the phone call. This day is horrible “Mom? Why is Alice wet?”  I frown “what do you mean?” I asked as I walked into the kitchen and almost fainted right there. In the middle of the kitchen was Alice, the dog bowl upside down and Alice happily splashing in the puddle that had formed on the floor.  I groaned and picked her up and instantly regretted it. “OK guys go do your homework,” I thought for a second, then added “in your room!” as they marched up the stairs I hear George mumble something that sounded like “I bet she just slept all day and is trying to make us leave her alone.” I sigh in relief as I hear the door open and run to the door, hoping it was my husband, that he would help the kids with homework while I dried off the baby. But I was met by my teenaged son, dripping wet in his thin soccer uniform, not looking me in the eye. Perfect. Just perfect.
I hear Jim come in the door as I towel off Alice, Nathan and I had talked it over and I promised I would NOT be late next time, Abby and George did their homework and helped me find the frozen pizza in the back of the freezer.. and now I can  fall asleep and wait to do It all again tomorrow…  *sigh*…when do they move out again?!?!