Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hello! my writers block is creeping in so before it drags me under i (tried) to compose some poems for your discomfort  enjoyment!

I wander quite often
They often wonder why I do this.
I say, no matter to you, shaking my fist.

Snowflakes come and snowflakes go, they see the wonders that we forget, our minds too busy with worry of pride and dept.

  Night! or as Shakespeare said

good night!

so funny!

The FUNNIEST thing just happened!! for those of you who know ma little bro, Jack you know he can be SOOO funny or Sooo Annoying. but right now he was funny. he came up to me and asked if he could have a sandwich i said he couldn't have a sandwich because he had just had lunch and he went away... a few minets later her came back and said "Jess, we have a problem" i just nodded and he continued "We have to break up." HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....

also in other news i'm going off Facebook for a week....so yeah
This is NOT a short story

this is a blog post


Monday, April 22, 2013


I yawned as I watched the rain run down the side of the window. I glanced at the clock as the raindrop I was staring at fell with a silent plop onto the pavement. 9:30 PM. I was supposed to meet my friends boyfriends buddy tonight for a date, that was arranged against my will, an hour ago. I laughed, I never would have agreed if she hadn’t played that “oh come on you just HAVE to meet this guy!” card and then she’d point out his “great qualities” and conveniently forget to mention he has a ‘bat cave’ in his mother’s basement, and really just is only friends with her boyfriend because he found him on Facebook. I rolled my eyes and glanced around the bookstore, there were a few costumers lingering around, but I don’t mind. When I don’t have anything else to do that day I let them hang out late. I know what it’s like to be kicked out before you find that perfect book.. It was about ten-ish when I started to get bored, so I started staring at this one guy who was taking forever to choose a book. As I stared I started noticing his hair was really wet, so were his sneakers and jacket. He must of just come in. I should ask him if could help him with something. No one else could. Just me. I was suddenly looking in a pair of stunning blue eyes, a perfect pair of lips were saying something to me. Oh God. He was talking to me. And I was staring! I snapped back to reality in time to hear him say “and I think she would enjoy it as much as I did so,” he put a copy of ‘The glass castle’ on the counter and said “how much?” I reached out my hand and pulled the book towards me. My mind was racing, who’s “she?” and why would he be buying her books? Oh god I’ve been obsessing over a guy who has a girlfriend! OK calm down Deb, your panicking again. I smoothly glanced at the till and said “twelve sixty five, please.”  As he dug around for his wallet I added quickly, “what other books does she like?” he shrugged, still looking for his wallet “I’m not sure, she’s always trying to get me to read these romance novels she’s writing but other than that I’m not sure. Why?” I racked my brain and without thinking said “we like to know what our costumers like, so um, we can give recommendations for books! Yeah.” The ‘yeah’ was probably unnecessary but I had to say something! He found his wallet and held out his credit card and said “well I guess that sounds reasonable.”  I was watching him and for a second we just stared at each other and then he sort of did this hypnotism thing with his card and I snapped again “here you go.” I said as I swiped his card and handed it back. And then he was gone, walking out the door, never to be seen again. No! I had not just spent half an hour obsessing just for him to walk away! I grabbed the receipt and raced out into the rain and said “Hey! You forgot your…” he was gone, lost to the unrelenting winds and rains….

Friday, April 19, 2013

Guitar with Broken string

My first guitar. My amazing perfect, deep blue amazing sounding guitar. I had waited for ten years for this guitar ever since I was four I had admired my dad’s guitar, and then my mom got into violin and suddenly they were recording country tracks. I grew up with songs like ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ and Dixie Chicks. I had watched my mom and dad entertain parties with their own songs as well as some old favorites. Their duet of ‘its five o-clock somewhere’ was actually put on a cd and played whenever there was a special event at our house. Today was no exception. It was my fourteenth birthday and my mom and dad had huge smiles on their faces as I came down the stairs into the living room .The music to “It’s five o-clock somewhere” was on in the background along with  a loop of Dixie chicks “ready to run” and “where the green grass grows” along with my dad and my favorite “farmers daughter”.   There were a few small packages and cards on the table, I tried to hide my disappointment that there was no guitar shaped parcel among them. Apparently I did an alright job because my parents broke into a round of “Happy Birthday” and handed me my cup of coffee. “Happy Birthday Remora!” toasted my dad as we chugged coffee to a round of “here here!”  And I started to reach for the pile of cards. “Hold on there Ram. We have to tell you the best part!” my dad’s eyes glimmered mysteriously when he had, A: a secret or B: too much Indian food. I was really hoping for the first one. “Yes daddy?” I asked, trying not to sound too exited. This was it. This was the moment dad said “We got you your dream Taylor guitar!” and mom would pull it out from behind her back and suddenly we’d all be on tour opening for Taylor swift and Tim McGraw. I knew this would happen! This is the best day of my life! I’m going to start practicing right….I heard the jingle of keys and the scraping of boots and snapped back to reality. My dad had his coat on and was getting his car keys. Mom was getting her purse. What’s going on? “You coming ram? It’s pointless if we go without you.” Joked dad. I was confused but I never turned down an adventure with mom and dad. I pulled on my canvas jacket and my favorite boots. I was confused, where were we going? I climbed in the back of our rusty blue pickup and lurched forward as dad hit the gas. The gravel crunched and we turned onto the main road. Ok I see now, their taking me to the music store! They have a huge selection of guitars! Oh I’m so glad I didn’t ask! Now I could act all surprised when they give me the selection and dad will say “pick your weapon” and I’d pick the blue one with the white specks and I’d play it every day until my fingers bled. Wait we just turned, this isn’t the way to the music store!! I was panicking. I could not find a way that I would get a guitar out of this. So, trying to keep my cool, I gently tapped mom on the shoulder and asked “mom, where are we going?” as nonchalantly as I could mange . my mom’s bright blue eyes glowed and she said “that’s classified madam” and she would tell me nothing no matter how much I pestered her. I sulked in the backseat as we drove for miles with mom and dad whispering and pretending to think I could hear them over the roar of the engine, with grins on their faces.
After about an hour of driving we came to a farm house in the middle of a pasture, with a forest to the east and a field to the west. I sat a little straighter, maybe this was a place from Ebay where you could pick up your daughters guitar! How could I not have thought of that? I plastered a smile on my face as we drove up the long gravel drive and I waited until dad motioned for me to get out, I carefully hid my excitement when I slowly stepped from the truck when I really wanted to jump from it screaming “Guitar! Guitar!” I pretended to admire the large black door with a silver lion knocker as dad helped mom from the truck. I smartly grabbed the knocker and pounded it three times on the door. My dad chuckled and said “I have a key.” I stopped dead. Why did dad have a key to a house that wasn’t ours? I watched him produce a long black skeleton key from his pocket, slide it into the key hole and turn. I found myself praying it wouldn’t fit. Hoping this was just a ruse my parents came up with. But my wishes were denied as the door swung open with a click. Dad gestured and said, his voice booming off the wooden floors “Welcome Home!”  
I could have been happy if I wasn’t so mad. I really could have, the house was amazing! The floors were oak and the stairway led up to a hallway upstairs with a banister. But I didn’t see a guitar. And my parents didn’t look like they were joking. OK OK I can handle this. I turn to dad “so where is everything?” 
My dad was leading me up the stairs, a blindfold over my eyes. My mom’s camera binged as it started recording. I heard a door creak open, I was herded into a room. “OK, open your eyes” my mom whispered. I opened my eyes and stepped back as I was attacked by green. Lime green walls and  brown sheets with green polka dots. A large book shelf was to my right. And there, leaning against the wall was a light blue guitar with white specks around it. I picked it up, I strummed it, one of the strings needed tuning. I turned the tuner and for a second the world was perfect….

Then the string snapped.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


It was a dull, raining day… I glanced up at the other cashiers. Ruby was reading her book, Simon was dozing in his chair, and Clara was busy typing away on her IPad to her new boyfriend.  I checked the doors again, though I knew what I would see there. No cars in the parking lot, no costumers walking through the doors, nothing, nobody, anywhere. I turned for a second to look at my watch when suddenly I heard the doors open and there stood our first costumer of the day. He was soaked from head to sneaker, and he was grinning like there was no tomorrow. He wore jeans and a hoodie, and as I stared at him, his smile flickered and as I blinked, he had disappeared. I glanced around and saw nothing there.  “it must all be in my head” I thought as I turned to the door, grinning, ready to welcome any non-disappearing costumers. A few hours later it was like we had put a “Free” sign on everything in the store! Ruby fell from her chair as costumers flooded in the front and Simon actually screamed as he awoke from a dream where apparently he was being chased by a giant squirrel. Clara looked up from her IPad as though all these people were there purely for the purpose of interrupting her chat with her boyfriend. She was sullen the whole day long. I almost had no costumers the entire day. I was just assuming that no one would notice if I just dozed off for a while, when someone walked up to me and said “excuse me but are you open?”  I looked up and there standing in front of me was the hooded boy I had seen earlier “you!” I gasped before he put his hand over my mouth. “calm down sweetheart alright? I just wanted to buy this.” And with that he placed a large box with a toaster on the side with letters that spelt out ‘NEW AND IMPROVED! NO MORE BURNT TOAST FOR YOU!’ on the side of a silver chrome toaster with four slots on the top . I couldn’t help cracking a smile, for some reason it just amuses me that a guy would by a toaster “so, your girlfriend sick today? Needed you to get some toaster?” I said nonchalantly as I passed it over the scanner “no girlfriend, just need a new toaster.” He said in the same tone, not looking me in the eyes “Oh I see.” I said nodding my head in an understanding way. I bagged the toaster and passed it to him, whispering as I did “have a nice day.” He eyed me questioningly and walked, no limped, to the door. Strange, when I saw him earlier he had been in perfect health. As I pondered over why he would limp in such a way that he looked like a hunchback, an old woman                came up behind me and said “you’ll want to keep an eye on that one. He’s got a reputation around here.”
But as I turned around to ask her what he had a reputation for, she had gone.