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Woops! (Eileen.)

Seems like I didn't post anything yesterday hu? Hmm..that's annoying. Could say I just didn't have the time or something came up but really I just didn't want to post something that I wasn't inspired about.
So I found one of my un-published works and I hope you'll like it :)
Also again please no one steal this... thanks.
I'll be posting another story later today.


Her name was Eileen, a maid for the Hickleberrys. She was brought over from Germany when her Master's family moved to England, for reasons that were only discussed in  hushed voices by the Master and his wife.They moved into a much smaller house than before, but still quite large to Eileen, whom had grown up in a one floor, three  room cottage in Germany. That morning she had risen just a few moments late and was hurrying to get everything ready. Suddenly she heard a noise. A creak of the  wooden  door at the servants entrance creeping open. The sound of boots and dainty  shoes echoed off of the plain whitewashed walls and hushed whispers caught the ears of  Eileen as she slowly poured the milk for the cats as quietly as she could so as not to miss a word.It was her employers coming back from that fancy party, and by the sound of it the Mrs was sloshed. "Where do you suppose the children are? Eileen?! Where are my  children?" Came the more than slightly slurred voice of Mrs Hickleberry. "They are asleep... Clarice...Do you smell something burning?" Mr Huckleberry commented. Eileen  frantically glanced around the kitchen to see smoke billowing from the large stone oven. "oh oh no no no!" she scolded the oven in a hushed whisper as she grabbed the  oven mitts and pulled them forcefully onto her large hands, her face blushing deep red from the heat as she pulled the loaves from the oven and carefully placed them  into the basket that she was to set on the table for breakfast. The top was burned a horrible deep black and the sides were singed a golden brown. "Eileen? What is  going" hiccup "on here?" Eileen swept into a deep bow, steadying herself on the table. But she grasped not the steady wooden table, but the silken blue table cloth,  pulling the entire breakfast onto onto the clay and stone floor with a terrific crash, china shattering and clay smashing along the floor, covered in milk and soggy  bread.
 "OH GOOD LORD!" Mrs said as she covered her mouth in shock at seeing Eileen's dress hiked up above her knees, stockings and garters for the world to see as she lay  sprawled on her back. From her head-dress to her boots she was covered in milk, bread, and flour. Eileen sighed said as calmly as possible, "Breakfast...has..been delayed."

To discipline  her for her wit  and for the horrible mess made in the kitchen the Hickleberrys made Eileen stay in the kitchen and clean until called. "May I at least go  change?" She had asked timidly after stating for the fifth time that it was an accident and that that was her breakfast as well. "No, go sit by the oven." Mr  Huckleberry said, looking down on Eileen as she sat on the milking stool and stared up at him, he had dark blue eyes, a long pointed nose and a dark black curly  mustache to top off the villein look "I could send Marylin to fetch some buns, oh but she is ill, so we will just have to make due, I suppose." and with that he strutted out of the kitchen  and slammed the big wooden door behind him. Eileen waited until she was sure he was upstairs before she shouted at the closed door "YOU'LL have to make due?! I smell  like a fromagère!" She stood and shook her fist at the door, angered at it's lack or response. "Just once, just ONCE I'd like to see him come off his high horse  and..gah!" Struggling to find the words she sat back on the milking stool and held her head in her hands, watching dust settle in the sun rays coming from the window  in the east part of the kitchen. Besides the dust covered window there hung a basket on the wall, containing wash clothes and a pair of oven mitts, should hers burn.  An unlit lamp hung beside it, the morning sun reflecting off of the tinted gold casing. Eileen shivered as a draft came through one of the newest cracks in the walls  and cast a chilled feeling throughout the kitchen. "Blast." She muttered as she reached for her sewing box, filled with scraps of fabric and pins from patching and  taking in the Mrs and the twin girl's dresses. Eileen plucked a sort of off white patch of coarse fabric ,sharp pin and stood up, the milk stool creaking in relief.  Running her hands along the cool wall, finding  the hairline crack and lined up the fabric above the fracture and shoved the pin in and up, trotted back to the sewing  basket plucked another pin, and pushed it in and down. "There." She said, brushing her hands to rid her hands of whitewash. "let's see lady's maid Marylin try THAT.  Hmp." She scoffed as she stoked the fire and soon the kitchen was filled with warmth and light. "I still need to do something with my clothes." Cautiously she looked  around the kitchen, the peaked out the door into the hall. "No one there." She muttered as she stripped off her boots and stockings and placed them in front of the  fire. Hands on her hips she felt her soggy apron, the lovely nightshade blue had been ruined with some sort of milk and flour paste. Eileen sighed. She loved that  apron, well it was actually just a long piece of dark blue velvet.made her feel like royalty, she thought as she untied it and placed it alongside the stockings and  boots, then she unbuttoned her dress and hung it on a nail . She moved the milk stool to the wall and set her sewing kit close to the fireplace. She set up the table  and picking up pottery as her bare feet padded along the cold floor. Finally the kitchen seemed more or less in order. And eventually she rested on the stool and  propped her feet up on the fire place. Leaning her back against the wall she soaked her feet in the warmth of the fire as she watched her reflection in the brass and  silver pots that hung above fire. She could see her dark brown hair pulled tightly from her face into a bun, reveling a very round face with a prominent chin and a  slightly pointed nose, nice brown eyes, and small pink lips. Her pale but strong arms and rough hands. Her legs were  just as if not more pale than her arms and reddened in the fires warmth. She smiled at the reflection and it grinned back at her. she felt so peaceful that she just  lent back and closed her eyes...

tap tap tap! came the sound at the door as Eileen awoke with a start as the knocking continued. "Coming! Coming." She said as she pulled her now very crispy apron from  it's place by the fire. Hurriedly tying it around her hips and wrenching the door open she came face to face with the milk man's son. "Um..'Ello," He said rather  awkwardly. He was a very tall and lean. His ginger hair fell around his ears and his nose came to a point in the front of his face and was littered with freckles. He  wore a light green fading shirt that came just short of his wrists and fraying grey pants that were also a couple inches too short. Eileen  watched as he fought to keep eye  contact  as he passed her the jug of milk. "Um, how are y-you?" He stuttered as his face went from pale to beet red in almost no time. I wondered why he was so flustered  until she looked down to see she was only in her corset and apron! Eileen's  gaze jumped from her  chest to his astonished face and back again as she backed into the kitchen and  finally slammed the door in his face, shouting at it. "THANK YOU FOR THE MILK!" as she backed slowly to the fireplace and scrambled to pull her stockings and dress back  on as fast as she could.

That afternoon Olivia, one of the Huckleberry's daughters , payed Eileen a visit down in the kitchen. "Mother said that you may make a trip to the dairy. It seems we  haven't received our delivery of cheese," She squinted at Eileen's  crusty apron and dress. "What happened to you? Why is your face all red?"Olivia wasn't the daintiest of flowers but she had a sharp eye when it came to humiliation, for  Eileen had been recounting that mornings events all day and her face returned to a bright crimson every time she did. "I sat too close to the fire. Why must I get the cheese? why wont they send Lady's Maid Marylin?" Eileen wined.  Olivia stood up just a bit taller, she loved punishing the workers, and in that way and all others, she was the spitting image of her father.Standing only a short four foot twelve inches in a emerald green dress with a hoop skirt that barely fit through the door, black hair that flowed over her shoulders and down her back, accompanied with high cheek bones and a pale complexion. Add a pointed rat's nose and steely grey eyes and there standing before you would be the meanest eleven year old you ever set eyes on.
"Marylin can't go. She caught a chill doing your dirty work, and has been sentenced to bed rest by the doctor!" Olivia whinged. She glanced around the small kitchen and scoffed, "It's not like you are so insanely busy, anyway." Eileen  glared at her, which was a sort of grey area in their  complex worker/employer relationship. "Why don't you go instead? You always complain about how everyone else gets to leave on a whim. You go." Olivia gasped and placed her hand over her heart, falling against the door frame. "Are you honestly telling the daughter of your master to go to do your work FOR you?!" Eileen jumped from her place on the milk stool and resisted the urge to charge the small child, for although Eileen was only five years her senior, she was not a a very light woman, strong but not lean.  "He is my employer! Not my MASTER!" She shouted at the little dictator before her. All at once Olivia's bottom lip curled over and her eyes filled with tears. She began to sob, "MOTHER! Eileen is shouting at me!!" Eileen realized her fatal mistake all too late, for at the beckoning cry of her eldest Mrs Huckleberry appeared in the doorway. "Oh honey, precious girl! What is the matter!?" She shrieked as she fell to her knees and embraced the screaming  child. "What have you done to her?"  Mrs H shouted accusingly at Eileen. "You apologize for yourself right now young lady." She scolded as she herded Olivia out of the kitchen. "I'm very sorry." Eileen called after them, assuring they were out of earshot before adding "..very sorry that  you got stuck with such horrible children."
Deciding that she could use the exercise, that had nothing to do with the fact that the Hickleberrys ordered her to, Eileen dawned her cloak and boots, careful to be dressed as fully as possible. As she opened the door she was met with a strong frigid wind. Drawing her cloak close as possible she  marched out of the courtyard and onto the cobbled roads.
As Eileen came to the outskirts of town she took in all sorts of sights and sounds. The sound of the bells on the shop doors as people made their way in and out, the smells of freshly baked bread that wafted out of the bakery. She could even hear the tap tap tap of the busy peoples heels treading up and down the crowded roads. She found herself outside the servants entrance, and raised her hand, preparing to knock.
When suddenly, there in the doorway, was the boy from this morning. Both of their faces turned bright red, while Eileen managed to force a greeting out.
"Um....'Ello..We need, um, cheese....?"
-Jessica Baker-

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